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Past Meetings

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Shielding and Gaskets
April, 2018
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Time Domain Scanning
June, 2017
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PCB Dielectrics and EMC
February, 2017
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InternetOfThings and EMC
October, 2016
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EMC Test Methods
June, 2016
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SMPS Design for EMC
April, 2016
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MIL-STD-461 update
February, 2016
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Embedded Capacitance
September, 2015
EM Shielding
September, 2015
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Why does my product fail EMC?
May, 2015
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CISPR detectors and TD scanning
March, 2015
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Structural Resonances
January, 2015
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Introductory Shielding
November, 2014
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Differential Pair Routing and Demonstration
September, 2014
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Design and Development of an EMC scanner
June, 2014
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High Speed Interconnect Design and Characterization
April, 2014
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PCB Routing techniques
March, 2014
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O-scope EMI Debugging
November, 2013
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Differential Signaling
November, 2013
Dennis Lewis - Uncertainty

Measurement Uncertainty
August, 2013
Bogdan Adamczyk - Crosstalk
Crosstalk between PCB Traces
May, 2013
Vignesh Rajamani - Reverberation Chambers
Rationale for Reverberation Chamber Testing
March, 2013
Sheryas Bhat - Simulation with Mentor Graphics Tools
Simulating with Mentor Graphics Tools
February, 2013
Bogdan Adamczyk - Common Impedance Coupling
Common Impedance Coupling
November, 2012
Mike Koffink, Umar Tabbsum Radiated Emissions Testing
Radiated Emissions Testing
September, 2012
Scott Piper - Simulation Methods
EM Simulation Methods
July, 2012
Teune-Mee SMPS
Reducing Emissions in DC-DC Switched Mode Power Supplies
May, 2012