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October 26, 2017


5:30 - 6:00 - Social time.
(Food will be provided)
6:00 - 7:30 - Technical Presentation


Attendance is free of charge to all IEEE Members and Non-Members


Guard Trace Impact on Crosstalk between PCB Traces

Crosstalk between PCB traces can be reduced by varying the board geometry or by shielding the traces. This presentation will discuss crosstalk reduction techniques by utilizing a guard trace between the generator and receptor traces and terminating the shield with different loads. A brief theoretical overview of the inductive and capacitive coupling will be followed by the real-time measurements using a newly designed PCB.

Presenter: Bogdan Adamczyk and Ryan Aldridge

Prof Prof
Prof. Bogdan Adamczyk is the Founder and Principal Educator of EMC Educational Services LLC ( which specializes in the EMC courses for industry. He is the director of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Center which he established at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, where he performs EMC precompliance testing for industry and develops educational material. He is the author of the EMC course book “Foundations of Electromagnetic Compatibility with Practical Applications”, Wiley 2017. Dr. Adamczyk publishes a monthly EMC tutorial article in the “IN Compliance” trade magazine (

Prof. Adamczyk has over 25 years combined industry and academia experience. He has taught numerous EMC certificate courses for industry. He is an iNARTE-certified EMC Master Design Engineer, a founding member and the chair of the IEEE EMC Chapter of West Michigan, and a member of the IEEE EMC Society Education Committee. He was a 2016 IEEE EMC Symposium Global University and Fundamentals of EMC instructor.

Ryan Aldridge is the Engineering Laboratories Supervisor at Grand Valley State University, and the vice chair of the IEEE EMC Chapter of West Michigan. He has 4 years of industry and academia experience in controls and embedded systems engineering. He works closely with Prof. Adamczyk developing EMC educational material and assists him with GVSU’s EMC Center. He is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Grand Valley State University. His thesis research involves designing CMOS imaging hardware for FPGA pattern recognition applications.